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Therapeutic Effects of Massage Therapy

Skeletal System

For many of us poor posture causes aches and pains as well as cause damage when bones are not held in correct alignment. This could cause joint deterioration, nerve compression or muscular pain. Massage relaxes and realigns muscles causing release of muscular tension, allowing bones to settle back into correct alignment.

Muscular System

Over or underactivity of muscles disturbs chemical balance within them. When muscles are tight, restricted or carrying excessive tension they may compress their own blood supply which slows down the process of metabolic waste removal. Massage helps to loosen up stagnated metabolic toxic products as well as helps to remove them into the venous system which prevents soreness and allows nutrients to rebuild and strengthen the tissue. Massage reduces muscular tension by stretching and loosening connective tissue and muscles allowing an increase of circulation and nutrition supply to the muscles thereby improving flexibility. Massage relieves muscular stiffness, fatigue, can maintain muscle tone through reflex effect on motor nerves. Massage can help to maintain the muscles in the best possible state of nutrition, flexibility and vitality so they can function at their maximum.

Circulatory & Lymphatic System

Massage increases circulation by assisting venous blood flow return to the heart and allows arterial circulation to carry oxygenate blood throughout the body. It improves flow of nutrients to all parts of the body and acts as a cleanser to eliminate toxins and waste product. Massage can encourage lymphatic flow preventing edema that often occurs with inactivity following inflammatory conditions.

Nervous System

Depending on the technique and rate used, massage can be sedating or stimulating. It stimulates nerves that effect internal processes (secretion, digestion, peristolsis). Massage has a calming effect in case of nervous exhaustion, emotional upset, panic, fear or anxiety. Relieves pain and spasm by soothing the excited nerve endings, producing relaxation. Can break the cycle of pain and spasm by interrupting the transmission of pain impulses.

Respiratory System

Specific percussive techniques used during treatment can loosen and dislodge mucus from the bronchi, promoting drainage of secretions from the lungs and stimulating cough reflex. Massage is beneficial in treatment of conditions such as emphysema, asthma, pneumonia and helps to achieve efficient breathing patterns

Sports Massage

Although massage is used to treat sport injuries, it is perhaps even more important as a preventative measure. It helps to achieve greater endurance and relaxation. Massage also helps to create balance and efficient movement that promotes speed, power and endurance. Pre and post event massage helps athletes to increase performance skills and prevent injuries.

Soft Tissue Injury

assage can greatly reduce the development of muscular pain if done early enough following traumas or injuries. Massage aids the healing process of soft tissues by loosening or breaking down adhesions and fibrous thickenings between structures allowing collagen fibres to be lied down in their proper direction. Massage helps to eliminate excessive accumulation of fluids in tissue.


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